Friday, 12 July 2013

Astro by Space Jam Robo Fuel

Disclaimer: This E-liquid was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of conducting a review. This fact notwithstanding, I will, as best I'm able, provide an honest, accurate and unbiased assessment of this product. Pertinent passages of my review of Space Jam Robo Fuel's Andromeda have been quoted here. Quoted passages are in italics.

The word Astro comes from the Greek, Astron, meaning star. You might recognise it as the root word for Astronomy, Astronaut and Astrology. In my review of Space Jam Robo Fuel's Andromeda, I broke the news (to some of you) that the Andromeda Galaxy is headed towards the Milky Way and therefore Earth. It'll arrive here in approximately 4.5 billion years, which isn't a long time, so we need to start thinking about getting the hell out of here. This juice, Astro, holds the key. We need to get out there amongst the stars.

Space Jam Robo Fuel is the brain-child of a couple of chaps who go by the names Aaron Pederson and Michael Crawford who are based in Orange County, California. The range is currently available from 41 brick and mortar stores throughout the US and online from the following vendors: Elevated Vaping, EJuiceAvenue, and Vapor Bank

The Space Jam Robo Fuel, range comprises Andromeda ("A creamy mix of pomegranate and blueberry..."), Astro ("Apples, Strawberries and juicy peaches...") and Starship 1 ("...a vanilla custard topped with fresh kiwi..."). They're also preparing to roll out a fourth liquid in mid July (2013) called Omega ("...juicy peach juice with hints of a sweet vanilla cream.")

Each of the liquids in the range are available in 30ml bottles ($22.00) (some vendors appear to carry cuboid bottles, while others carry cylindrical bottles) at nicotine strengths of 6, 12 and 18mg. I've been unable to find any reference to PG/VG ratios on the bottle or any websites carrying the Space Jam Robo Fuel range.

The bottle I have in front of me is cylindrical glass. This always wins brownie points with me.; glass is inert, durable and looks classy. The screw-top cap is a non-childproof, black plastic with an attached dropper. Please, if you have children around, store and use this liquid with extra care. The label includes the following information: the company name, the name of the liquid, nicotine strength in mg, liquid contents in ml, an ingredients list (PG, VG, natural and artificial colours and nicotine), a batch number, the date of manufacture, the location of manufacture, and the words "Sale to minors is PROHIBITED by intergalactic law".

The colour of the liquid is an Aureolin (Cobalt) Yellow. It has a vey aqueous consistency but is also quite lubricious (slippery) and smells primarily of Granny Smith apples and sweetener with the secondary notes of peach and strawberry. The latter, to my nose, very faint.

I'm vaping Astro in an Igo-L on a mechanical mod running on a freshly charged 18650 battery. I don't have the mod or equipment necessary to measure the ohms of the coil on the Igo-L, but I can tell you that it has four wraps of 0.2 Kanthal wire around three strands of 2mm Silica wick.

To begin with, I draw the vapour into my mouth without inhaling, so that my taste buds have the maximum time possible to bathe in the flavour, and the primary sensation is of fruity sweetness. After several seconds of this I begin to inhale and I immediately experience a building of pressure at the back of my throat. At a certain point in the process, I need to stop inhaling vapour and follow it with a short intake of fresh air. This is when I begin to discern the flavour of apple, which is mostly sweet but has a slight acidic sourness to it, which adds dimension to the flavour. I hold my breath for a moment and the flavours of peach and strawberry begin to register and these are amplified as I begin to exhale. The strawberry flavour predominates but the flavour and subtle sourness of the peach is certainly there. The aftertaste is a mélange of all three flavours, accompanied by a certain crisp, dry sensation that you might experience in eating an actual apple. This is not to be confused for an actual drying of the mouth because I find that my salivary glands are activated and my mouth is actually watering. The aftertaste lingers for quite some time after the last vape.

Rather than a throat hit, I experience a mounting pressure at the back of my throat, which it would be unwise to ignore. I've learned to stop inhaling at a certain point when vaping liquids that provoke this sensation, to avoid discomfort. Vapour production is very good.

I've tasted a fair number of fruit flavoured e-liquids, many of which were very good while others were very average. Astro by Space Jam Robo fuel is a combination of flavours that I wouldn't imagine would work and yet it does, with flying colours. The journey of the vapour through the gustatory system delivers each of the featured flavours at different times, and to different degrees so that you're treated to a complex of sensations that are very satisfying. The vapour itself is smooth and luxurious. As Ive mentioned previously the branding and packaging are second to none. This is, like Space Jam Robo Fuel's Andromeda, a very fine e-liquid and it's worth every cent.