Saturday, 22 June 2013

Celtic Bounty by Celtic Vapours

Disclaimer: This E-liquid was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of conducting a review. This fact notwithstanding, I will, as best I'm able, provide an honest, accurate and unbiased assessment of this product. Portions of this review are quoted from my review of USA Red by Celtic Vapours. Quoted passages are in italics

Celtic Bounty By Celtic Vapours is described on their website as "A Celtic Vapours Original; a sweet tobacco with smooth taste". They're not giving away too much, so we're on our own.

Celtic Vapours are based in Swansea, Wales. They offer a catalogue of over fifty e-liquids (they are aiming to add at least one new flavour each month) divided into the following categories: beverage, ice, Absinthe, tobacco, fruit and sweet (confectionery). Their entire range is available online or from a number of brick and mortar stores with whom they're affiliated. Check their website to see if there's one near you. They assert on their website that their top priority is to get more flavour into their E-liquids (not content to rest on their laurels, they're always seeking to improve their recipes...) and they have chosen to offer their liquids in nicotine strengths of 5mg gradations instead of the industry standard 6mg gradations.

Celtic Vapours offer each of their liquids in 10 (£4.80) and 30ml (£13.50) bottles at nicotine strengths of 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35mg. I couldn't find any mention of available PG/VG ratios on the website, although the bottle specifies a PG/VG ratio of >60/30.

The 10ml bottle in front of me is a clear, semi-rigid plastic with a black plastic, childproof screw-top cap. Attached to the bottle is a 1cm long, plastic, needle-type dropper. The label includes the following information: the brand name, the name of the e-liquid, nicotine strength in mg, liquid contents in ml, an ingredients list, an age warning, storage and safety first instructions, a batch number, a best used by date, the company's phone number and website address, warning graphics and a tactile triangle sticker which complies with EU law regarding the storage of toxic substances. There is also an advisory notice to "Use only as directed" and a suggestion to "Shake the bottle well before use".

The colour of the liquid is a clear, Selective Yellow The aroma of the liquid in the bottle has a tropical quality with coconut being the top note with hints of banana and a slightly acidic note suggestive of pineapple.

I'm dripping Celtic Vapours into an Igo-L on a mechanical mod running on a freshly charged 18650 battery. The first inhalation draws in a stream of mildly sweetened vapour with a light acidic tang along the length of my tongue. There's a certain quality about the flavour that is reminiscent of cake. At the point where I finish inhaling, but before the breath turns and the vapour leaves my body, I become aware of the flavour of banana. As I exhale, the banana flavour dominates but is joined by the subtler notes of coconut and a pineapple stripped of its acidic bite. These secondary notes fade quickly in the aftertaste and I'm left again with banana. At no point in the vape am I aware of tobacco, which I expect to be an earthy, umami flavour. Celtic Bounty is a mild, tropical sweetness from beginning to end.

The vapour is silky smooth and is inhaled with ease. There's no throat hit to speak of, though vapour production is very generous. Some of the best vapour I've seen in a vape actually.

I'm as confused as I was with Celtic Vapours' USA Red over why this is classed as a tobacco e-liquid. It might just be that I don't have either the hardware or the biology to get the best out of this liquid. Perhaps, a Variable Voltage device dialled to a different voltage than my mechanical mod is capable of would reveal the tobacco notes that are apparently here.

Taste is subjective but quality isn't. This is a quality juice. The potency and the combination of flavours and their arrival on the palate at varying moments make this a satisfying and somewhat refreshing vape. It's sweet enough to lend credence to the emulation of the traditionally sweet fruit flavours involved, but it's not so sweet that you couldn't vape it all day long if you wanted to. Did I mention the vapour?