Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Belgian Simmered Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor

Disclaimer: This E-liquid was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of conducting a review. This fact notwithstanding, I will, as best I'm able, provide an honest, accurate and unbiased assessment of this product. Portions of this review have been quoted from my review of Hurricane Vapor's Peaches and Irish Cream. Quoted passages are in italics.
I recently tasted a chocolate e-liquid by a vendor who shall remain nameless, the flavour of which was more reminiscent of bacon than anything else. Belgian Simmered Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor actually tastes like chocolate. This e-liquid was awarded a Spinfuel Magazine Choice Award for 2013.

Hurricane Vapor produce a line of E-liquids called Storm Juice which includes a catalogue of twelve flavours encompassing the following categories: "cool and icy", "dark and rich", "mild and velvety" and "sweet and delicious". The flavours include Sunshine Cured Tobacco, Toasted Amber Tobacco, Belgian Simmered Tobacco, Cuban Coffee, Chocolate Frost Bite, Vice City Ice, Berry Jello Shots, Miami Lemon Drop, Peaches and Irish Cream, Florida Orange Creamsicle, Galletta Dulce, Papaya Milkshake and Sunset Cavendish. They're also preparing to roll out the following flavours: Winter Cured Tobacco, October-Bomb, Red Chile Guava or Guava Frosada (testing both versions), Cortadito, Vanilla-Sky Tobacco and Beach Breeze Tobacco.

Each E-liquid is available in a 15 ($9.99) and 30ml ($17.99) bottle at nicotine strengths of 0 (0% ("Just Juice")), 6 (0.6% ("Very Light")), 12 (1.2% ("Light")), 18 (1.8% ("Medium")), 24 (2.4% ("Full")) and 36mg (3.6% ("Extra")) with PG/VG ratios of 50/50 ("Smooth Inhale") and 70/30 ("Firm Inhale"). Note that, as of the writing of this review some of their liquids are listed at reduced prices. Whether or not these are permanent reductions I couldn't say.

The 15ml bottle is a clear cuboid glass. The bottle was shipped to me with a black, non-childproof, screw top cap with a plastic bag containing a second screw top cap but with an integrated dropper. The bottle was also shipped with a tamper evident plastic seal around the cap.

The label includes the following information: the company name, the brand name, the name of the liquid, liquid contents in ml, nicotine strength in percentage (in this case, listed as 1.8%, medium), an ingredients list, a warning to keep out of the reach of children, an age warning, the words "Do not drink" and the instruction to "Shake well".

The liquid is a clear, saturated Rufous Brown, has the consistency of a light cooking oil and like cooking oil is very lubricious.  The aroma that comes from the liquid is like a mug of hot chocolate.

I'm vaping Belgian Simmered Tobacco in an unmodified Igo-L on a mechanical mod powered by an 18650 battery. The wick and coil have had two days to settle in with this juice. As I raise the drip tip to my lips I'm already apprehending the chocolate aroma of the juice orthonasally. That is, aroma that travels through the mouth and the internal nares to stimulate the olfactory neurons. As I fire the device and inhale, my mouth is filled with a smooth, velvety rich vapour, mildly sweet but dense with flavour. As I finish inhaling vapour, take a small breath of fresh air and hold the breath momentarily I taste the chocolate still, but there's also a brief suggestion of tobacco. When I exhale the chocolate flavour is amplified and dominates through to the last lingering moments of the aftertaste.

If I didn't know this was a tobacco juice I'd be none the wiser. Apparently it also contains the flavour of honey. Although this liquid's vapour is dominated by one particular flavour I imagine it would taste quite differently if the tobacco and honey weren't present. This is another juice I'd like to experiment with on a variable voltage device. I've read that different flavours come to the fore at varying voltages.

Throat hit is mild with a building sensation of pressure at the back of the throat as I inhale. This seems to occur more often than not with e-liquids at the sweeter end of the spectrum. Vapour production is excellent.

A far as the chocolate flavour is concerned, it's a faithful replication of the taste of a mug of hot chocolate. It's not overly sweet so it's suggestive of a chocolate aimed at adults perhaps, rather than children. The flavour is full-bodied and potent and as far as I'm concerned, perfectly balanced. I probably wouldn't vape this all day, but I would certainly enjoy it after dinner with a cup of tea. It's no surprise that Spinfuel Magazine recognised Belgian Simmered Tobacco with an award. This is a quality e-liquid and I encourage you, once again, to try it for yourselves.